Usenet - is an excellent resource. The people are helpful and I've almost never failed in getting a reply.

Searching the archives

Now you can search the archives of DejaNews using a form that has been tailor-made by Wayne Garvin!  A few handy tips for finding lyrics apart from the ordinary way of plugging in the song you want:

(1) a search for "LYR" will yield up the lyrics that have been provided in the past.  This is a great way to browse for lyrics.

(2) in the 'author' field provided by Wayne, try typing in some of these names:

Wayne Garvin
Ronald E Hontz

Vital Debroey


These guys have all provided oodles and oodles of lyrics to the newsgroup and their transcriptions are accurate and always contain full attribution.

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This page last updated 29 March 1998