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**#1 Songs of 1950 - 1989**- yet another great site maintained by Paul Filho

Adam Schneider's Guitar Files

Aaliyah Lyrics - not sure what the common theme to this page is, but it appears to be a subdivision of Leonie's Lyrics Page. Contains the lyrics to 4 Page Letter, a Girl Like You, Choosey Lover, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Giving You More, Got To Give It Up, Heart Broken, Hot Like Fine, I Gotcha Back, LadiesIn Da House, Never Comin' Back, Never Givin' Up, One In A Million, The One I Gave My Heart To.

All Hell Shall Stir For This - nice stylish page with Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Tori and Joan Osborne lyrics.

Al's Homepage  - e-mail Al and with a song request and he promises not to rest until he has found it. Gack, you'll never find me making an oath like that. =)

Al's Lyrics Site - lots of songs of the indy folksy persuasion. Requested via an e-mail form.

The Alternative Lyrics Scene - alternative lyrics, contains language that may offend.

**Always on the Run** - very stylish page in English and French. Contains alternative and some popular lyrics.

Analyne's World of Lyrics

Angel Cat's Lyrics - very squishy page.

Annie's Place - Lyrics Links

Awesome New Song Lyrics- according to the site's owner you can find basic info about him/her; lyrics to most of the top 40 songs in the US and links to other sites.

**Billboard Top 25** (50's to 90's) - one of Paulo Filho's sites

Buttman's Lyrics Server - Norwegian and English lyrics. Classical rock site if that makes sense.

**Classic Lyrics Server**- great new site with lots of lyrics to Classic Rock, Blues and Folk songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s and the 90s. I'm a bit dubious about the blatant call for advertising though.

Collins Crapo's Oldies Website

Compendium of Misheard Lyrics - yup, those mondegreens again. So much for the free net philosophy. I notice they've taken the 600 best mondegreens offline and put them in a book.

The Den - Mellie's Home Sweet Home page.  Love songs, show tunes and tagalog artists.

Early 80s Song of the Week

Elaine's Disco Lyrics Page

Fifties Website - Lyrics and Music - shut down by the fascist Powers That Be..

Foolin's Midi and Lyrics Page - lyrics, midis et

Fred's Romantic Songs Site - Italian, Portugese and English lyrics.

Hip Hop Lyrics Archive- owned by a slightly arrogant webmaster.

Les Paroles d'Iceman/Icemans's Lyrics

**The International Lyrics Server** - mangled by the fascist Powers That Be and not the same since ..

Jamboozle - that which we call a mondegreen by any other name.....

Jelle's Lyrics - lyrics range from alternative to heavy music

Joe Loreto's HomePage - Geocities is really starting to annoy me with their java-nised banners. This page is hard to read, hard to navigate and I'm not quite sure where the lyrics are!

Jörg Folckers Lyrics Pages - folksy songs to romantic popularhits. Appears to still be under construction.

Law's Lyrics Page - spice girls fan?

Leonie's Lyrics Page- dance, R&B, rap and some pop.

**Lieder Texts Page** - so you can sing along to your favourite Lieder


**Lyric Land**- pop, alternative, etc.  Very mixed selection of music.


Lyrics - mysterious red writing on a black background. Not sure what theme links these lyrics, and I'm not sure what artist sings them either. Mysterious.

Lyrics! - Cranberries, Janis Joplin, Songs from Boys on the Side, Jewel, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, U2. Not sure why, but I like the feel/look of this page. Simple, yet rich in content. - German site

Lyrics by EDE - I have a lot of trouble accessing this page.

Lyrics Challenge, The - lyrics in French and English.

**The Lyrics Library** - the Lyrics Web Site with a very wide range of links sorted by genre and artist. Maintained by Wayne Garvin the Lyrics Guru.

Song Lyrics; Libretti Links

Lyrics links

Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics!- small page featuring lyrics from Mariah Carey, Coolio, Cranberries, Michael Jackson, Real McCoy, Joan Osborne and Take That.

Lyrics Page (yup, another one)-R&B, Hip Hop & Rap lyrics.

Lyrics Site - Montell Jordan, 112 etc

Lyrics Playground - lots of songs, an assorted selection, but I'm not crazy about the layout

Lyrics World - another site maintained by Paulo Filho with a variety of songs from days gone by.

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